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Poker The Nuts Origin - poker the nuts origin pokerAccording to several websites: In poker, the nuts refers to an unbeatable poker hand. According to some poker experts, … the buyins and the league games , …Jun 11, 2006 · Origin of The Nuts 11 June 2006 By John Marchel. Poker Terms Explained | An unbeatable hand is often called “the Brazils” and “a lock”. Out – An out is a card that improves your hand, usually to winning status. If you hold the and there are two hearts on the flop, you have nine outs to the nut flush – the remaining nine hearts in the deck. Royal Flush: Poker Hand Ranking | 888 Poker

Definition of Nuts In the poker vernacular, 'the nuts' is the best poker hand possible, an unbreakable, unbeatable arrangement of cards. The nuts vary between formats and even individual hands, where circumstances dictate the top possibility. In other words, the nuts, or 'nut hand,' is the greatest potential poker hand for a given situation.

‎What's The Nuts? - Poker Training Game on the App Store This fast paced and exciting game gives you a set of board cards, and asks you to select the 2 hole cards that would give you “the nuts” in Texas Hold’em (an unbeatable hand). OTHER GAME FEATURES - Deal only the Flop, Turn, or River, or a random number of board cards

Trivia Quiz - Texas Hold'em - The Nuts Category: Texas Hold'em Quiz #301,627. 10 questions, rated Tough. By tazman6619. In poker parlance the nuts is an unbeatable hand. In this quiz you will have to determine whether or not you have the nuts. Available Formats. Choose one to start playing:

the nuts (in poker) - Wordorigins Discussion Forum Where does this poker slang come from? www ... for playing poker. First, maximize your best hand and minimize ... when they have ''the nuts,'' or unbeatable ... The Nuts Poker Forum - canada players slots online The Nuts Poker Forum pala casino rooms win real money online free Poker Terminology - The Nuts, Hole Cards & A Set ... - Poker hand terminology the nuts refers to an unbeatable hand of 4 of a kind after flop. Hole cards in Poker are cards dealt to ... Poker Terms Explained |

Here are the various poker hands from highest to lowest: 2. Familiarize with Starting Hands. In Texas Hold’em you use your starting hand (2 cards dealt face down) and the community cards (cards sharedGot Nuts Poker is a training game that helps you practice your board reading skills on the go.

Texas Hold'em Poker Hands explained, What do the hands ... Texas Hold'em Poker Hands (Highest to Lowest) Poker Hand: Royal Flush The absolute nuts, also called a Royal Routine, A Royal Flush can not be beaten. Ace to the 10 in suit. The art is to get your opponents to commit there chips to this unbeatable hand. You have less then 0.0015% chance of hitting this winning hand. What Does "Nuts" mean in texas hold'em poker? | Yahoo Answers Answers. Best Answer: Nuts means the best possible hand. So, with a A-4-5 of clubs out there, someone with K-2 of clubs would have the "nut flush". If the flop was 9-10-Q, someone with J-K flopped the nuts. The term "nuts" means an unbeatable hand. For example, someone that has the "nut flush" has the highest possible flush. Definition of The Stone Cold Nuts - Texas Hold'em King Definition of The Stone Cold Nuts What is meant by the "stone cold nuts"?In poker, the "stone cold nuts" refers to a hand that is absolutely unbeatable. No matter what card is left to come or no matter what cards your opponent holds, you can NOT be beaten in a hand if you hold the stone cold nuts.

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Jan 3, 2015 ... I've won thousands of poker hands; probably tens of thousands. ... is the one you wanted, a card that would have given you a monster hand or the nuts. .... your opponent, and after the flop, you had an almost unbeatable hand. What's The Nuts? - Poker Training Game on the App Store Oct 17, 2016 ..., the world's #1 poker training site, has developed the new “What's the Nuts?” training game to help players ... Poker Hand of the Week: Dwan Unmatched, Robl Unbeatable